Members of the Lionia Club came from another dimension, where lions rather than humans evolved as the dominant species on earth and named the planet 'Lionia'. But a mysterious disaster forced the Lionians to travel to our dimension through the blockchains, and they formed the Lionia Club...
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A while ago, our first "Lionia Club" collection (Genesis), completed its initial sales of minting with 4000 LCM NFTs. The Genesis collection was published on the "Polygon" network because of the promising future of that network, and cost-effectiveness for the minters. Now that we are releasing another, follow-up collection for "Lionia Club", we are listening the suggestions from our minters and releasing the new chapter on "Ethereum Mainnet".

This collection is called "Lionia Club Heroes" (hinting at the next chapter in the Lionia lore) and it is limited with 6000 LCH NFTs. Essetially, once you buy one, your Lionian Hero NFT art doubles as your Lionia Club membership card, and grants access to members-only benefits, such as access to exclusive chat rooms. While we have some possible ideas thanks to possiblities the Ethereum Mainnet, our main goal with the "Lionia Club" project is to form a community to help each other in the Web3 world and teach new comers about risks and tips. So, you too can buy your own Lionian Heroes, and became a member of this family.

Minting "Lionia Club Heroes" (LCH) costs only 0.02 ETH per NFT (Plus gas fees).

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Building a Community

The primary aim of this project is to build a community where brilliant and good-hearted people get together and support each other to grow and thrive in the crypto world.

Growing with our Members

We want to grow this project and make all Lionia Club members get more benefits from their memberships. As the project grow, the value of membership will increase too.

Creative Productions

Starting with the NFT collections, we plan to do a series of productions about Lionia, such as games or side tokens, through which we can reward our members for their support.

Giving Back and Helping Good Causes

We are planning on various great giveaways for LCM holders. But we also hope to organize or join fundraiser events as a community to support good causes.

Partners and Platforms

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Members of the Lionia Club came from another dimension, where lions rather than humans evolved as the dominant species on earth and named the planet 'Lionia'.

In this parallel dimension, the history of civilization was mostly similar to ours, with some key differences. For some reason, the evolution of prehistoric lions surpassed the apes', and made lions be able to walk on two feet, use tools, develop languages, and more.

In time, they went through all the same developments, discoveries, and mistakes as our ancestors did. Even their languages developed similar to ours' with minor changes. They explored the world and understand nature, perhaps better than humans. And they named their world 'Lionia' after themselves.

As their civilization grow, lions learned philosophy, science, and, unfortunately, war. They had wars like ours. However, their wars affected lions differently. Each war made lions unite more and work together. Eventually, they formed one big planet-wide alliance. This allowed them to progress faster in social issues and science. They became so much more progressive than we are. They embraced all cultures and world views, knowing that they all wanted the same things in the bigger picture.

Lionian leaders supported almost all scientific ideas and inventions. This allowed their scientists to invent and develop better energy sources and reduce their negative impact on nature even more. They even discovered parallel dimensions and managed to observe other worlds, such as ours. In recent years, Lionian scientists started experimenting on opening gateways to these worlds to visit them.

But a mysterious disaster changed everything. Just in a few days, chaos engulfed the whole world. Their advanced civilization collapsed under the sheer number of catastrophes, all hitting at once. It was clear that the apocalypse had arrived for Lionia.

Fortunately, some Lionians helped each other through this nightmare and managed to use the experimental inter-dimensional portals. They traveled to our dimension.

Shortly after they arrived, Lionians noticed that some humans had very similar qualities to lions. They were brave, smart, good-hearted and supportive to each other. So, Lionians called these humans "lion-souls" and partnered with them. Together, they formed the "Lionia Club" to organize, help each other, have fun, and make the world a better place...

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To see the full list of NFTs in the Lionia Club Collection, visit the collection page on OpenSea.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, here you can find the answers to your questions about our project.

  • How much does it cost to buy "Lionia Club Heroes" NFTs?

    Minting Lionia Club Heroes (LCH) NFTs costs only 0.02 ETH per token, plus gas fees.

    However, if you have missed the minting sale, you will need to buy your Lionia Club NFT on a secondary market such as OpenSea where prices will be determined by the owners.

  • In the of chance that you don't have any ETH, but have some fund in another crypto currency, you can transfer some asset to the Ethereum buy using swap services such as UniSwap.

    As a note for MATIC users, if you have enough MATIC (with some extra for fees), you can also swap some MATIC for ETH, but you would also need to transfer funds between chains by using Polygon Bridge.

    However, if you don't have any crypto currency, you would first need to buy some crypto currency with your local currency, such as USD or EUR. There are many services you can use for buying crypto currency. You may want to pick a service that can sell you ETH to reduce the steps. Some of the most popular services are MoonPay, Transak, and Ramp. These services are usually very similar. After you choose the amount and currency that you want to buy, they will ask you to provide photos of your personal ID, and a selfie. But this is a quick process and your crypto fund will be in your wallet shorty after you make the payment with your credit/debit card and provide your wallet address.

  • To be able to buy NFTs you need to have a crypto wallet. While you may find many wallet options in the market, here, we support MetaMask for our minting app. It is free, it works in your web browser, and our minting app is designed to work with it.

    After you install MetaMask wallet, and create your wallet by following the directives, you may will have a proper Ethereum wallet where you can deposit Etherium fund, keep the ownership of assets like NFTs, and interact with Web3 applications.

    After you get your wallet working, you can go and buy some ETH by using a service such as MoonPay, Transak, or Ramp.

  • "Lionia Club Heroes" collection lives in the Ethereum blockchain. So, we can benefit from all the advantages that comes with using the leading NFT chain, such a integrations an API support for the future projects.

    But, the "Genesis" collection of our "Lionia Club" project is published on the Polygon blockchain. So, it benefits from all the strengths of the Ethereum blockchain. But it doesn't burden the NFT holders with the problems like high gas fees during the trading.

    In short, even if you don't prefer using one of these blockchains, you can still join the Lionia Club by using the other chain.

  • Mainly because that Ethereum is currently the leading blockchain in the NFT world. And it is being supported by more people.

    We already have published our "Genesis" collection on Polygon, a blockchain that was designed to solve Ethereum's problems; to make transactions on the Ethereum blockchain faster and cheaper. While the benefits of this network is clear, the Etherreum network is more regcognized and supported comprated to Polygon or other sidechain networks.

    So, our community members had many suggestions about having a follow-up collection on Ethereum after the Genesis collection, and we decided to listed these suggestions after we have done our researches..

  • After you buy your Lionia Club NFTs, you can go to OpenSea, connect your wallet and see your NFTs in your profile page.

  • You can keep your Lionia Club NFT as a digital collectible, use it as a profile picture online, keep it to use it with our future projects, or you can resell your Lionia Club NFT for profit.

  • Yes, 5% of the secondary sales will be deducted in royalties for the Team. We will use this royalties to grow our marketing campaigns allowing us to raise the market value for our holders!

  • The Lionian characters of the Lionia Club project are designed by the project lead Teaffee.

See the Genesis Collection

If you are more interested in a Polygon collection, visit the Lionia Club Genesis Collection page

Lionia Club Genesis